The rules of padel


  • Padel is generally played in doubles format


  • Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis. A game is scored exactly the same as tennis ie. 15/0, 30/0, 40/0, deuce, advantage etc      
  • Six games are needed to win a set and the team which wins two sets wins the match.     If a set reaches 6-6 in games then a tie-break to 7 points is played


  • In padel all points begin with an underarm serve into the service box diagonally opposite
  • The server must stand behind the service line, bounce the ball once behind the service line before hitting it underarm. For serving the ball must be hit below waist level
  • The serve must land in the opponent’s service box. If the ball bounces in the service box and then hits the side glass or back glass wall it is a valid serve and play continues. If the ball lands in the service box and then hits the wire fencing it is considered a fault.
  • The server must keep at least one foot on the ground when hitting the server.The server’s feet may not touch or cross the service line when serving.
  • If the ball hits the net and bounces in the box it is a let but if it then touches the wire fence before the second bounce it is a fault.
  • If the first serve is a fault then a second serve is played.  


  • Once the ball is in play, all balls which cross the net must then bounce on the ground on the opponent’s side before hitting a glass or wire wall.
  • If the ball is returned over the net and then hits your opponents wall before hitting the ground the point is lost.
  • Players may hit a volley except when receiving serve when the ball must bounce first.
  • Players may hit the ball after it has bounced on a wall to return it to the opponent’s side
  • The ball may only bounce once on your side of the net and you can only hit it once.
  • Players may also hit the ball onto their own side or back glass walls to return it over the net but if the shot hits the fencing on your side of the net before crossing to the opponent’s side then it is a fault